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The Best Jadeite Jade

My objective is to offer the best natural grade A jadeite jade sculptures and accessories to customers worldwide. Originating in Myanmar, our Burmese variety of jade has a gem quality molecular composition which is similar to diamonds. This form of jadeite jade is superior to all other forms of jadeite and it is only found in Kachin State of Northern Myanmar. 

Furthermore, the items we offer were created using only natural grade A jadeite jade, we do not offer any lower quality varieties of B or C grade. As a result, the base material used in our beautiful carvings has not been subjected to any artificial treatments, enhancements or alterations. It is only the best 100% natural jadeite jade.

Indeed, items purchased from Jade Buddha will not fade or lose any of their qualities over time. Additionally, with proper care they will appreciate in value similar to gold or diamonds.

All our items come with in house certificate of guarantee. However, upon request we can provide an additional certificate of authenticity from the local gemological institute in Singapore for an extra cost of US$55. 

Customized Pendants and Accessories

All of our pendants are suited for customization at the request of the buyer. As a result, your item can be customized to include 18k yellow/white gold bail, frame or necklace (additional costs apply). Additionally, the gold frame or bail can be embedded with diamonds such as in the photo below.    

Customized Jadeite Jade
Customized pendant with white gold necklace and diamond bail.

Jadeite Jade vs Nephrite Jade

Our jadeite has many advantages over lower quality nephrite jade. Although, nephrite jade is available at a much lower price, the high quality attributes of gem quality Myanmar jadeite are conspicuously absent.

In contrast with the more common nephrite jade, jadeite jade has a more resilient and durable composition. However, jadeite also has superior translucency, color, clarity and craftsmanship. Contrast and compare in the table below.

  Jadeite Nephrite
Chemistry NaAlSi2O6 Ca2(Mg,Fe)5(Si4O11)2(OH)2
Refractive Index 1.64 – 1.667 1.600 – 1.641
Hardness 6.5-7 6-6.5
Specific Gravity 3.25-3.36 2.9-3.02
Cleavage Good None
Clarity Vitreous (glassy)
Greasy, waxy

High quality jadeite jade items are usually of the translucent variety. However, we also have some “highly icy” varieties which are of the highest translucency. These items are very special because the highest quality jadeite mineral deposits are rare.

Indeed, the buyer of jadeite will get what they pay for. The highest quality piece will appreciate in value over time and its qualities will last indefinitely with proper care, similar to a diamond.

Highly Icy Jadeite Jade Laughing Buddha Pendant
Highly Icy Jadeite Jade Happy Buddha Pendant

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